My Build-a-Line Challenge Progress – Getting Ready to Hop Again

Where does the time go?! I feel like I just blogged, but it’s been over three weeks since I participated in Blog Hop Number One for the B’Sue Boutiques Build A Line challenge!

Although I’ve been quiet on the writing front, I’ve been busy on designing front – participating in discussions, asking questions, reading blogs and watching videos.  All in all, I’ve been thinking out my line, choosing elements and components, and then choosing again in the parameters of the challenge.

The process isn’t new to me – I do much of my designing in my head before I ever start to build a piece, but the scope of it is. Creating a line means thinking how the pieces will go together, and how they will stand out within the line while complementing each other.  Each individual design impacts the whole of the line.  It’s a new approach for me, and so far, I’m enjoying it and learning a ton.

Here is my progress so far. I’ve created the focal cabochons and attached them to their cameos:

Now I’m just working out some final details:

Be sure to check back on Friday, for Blog Hop Number Two of the B’Sue Boutiques Build A Line challenge! In the meantime – check out my Etsy shop, Ameme Designs.

7 thoughts on “My Build-a-Line Challenge Progress – Getting Ready to Hop Again

  1. Wow what beautiful artwork in your amazing jewelry!!! I love your work all of the time and your new jewelry line will be no exception!!! Great blog for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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