And I’m back… Just in time to blog hop!

It’s been awhile, what can I say? I was blogging pretty well for a few months, then life got busy, and busier still and now suddenly it’s six months later and I haven’t written a thing!

Well I am back and ready to try again.

Maybe you wonder what brought me out of my slump?

I’m glad you asked. My interest in my blog was piqued when I saw this post come through my feed from one of my fellow Build a Line Challenge alumni, Lee Koopman of Strega Jewellery.


Ms. Koopman wrote about being in a slump, being done with all that, and being ready to come back to the creative side.  Having been in a bit of a slump myself, blog-wise, her post struck a chord with me.

That combined with the subject matter

It was an open invitation to anyone interested to join an October blog hop titled “Danse Macabre” or “the dance of death”.

From the StregaJewellery  blog post  

“Literally, it means the dance of death and the phrase was coined in Medieval times when artistic types used allegories most of the time.   Danse Macabre illustrates the universal aspect of death.   It comes to all, regardless of station in life.  Paintings were created with skeletons dancing their way to the grave, sermons were preached cautioning people that the material side of life was unimportant, death is a fate we must all meet, peasant, pauper, priest, pope or noble.  So, enjoy life, make the most of it for we are all on our way to the same fate.   Life, after all, is a glorious dance with the grave as the finale, dance through it with joy!”

So I decided it was time to come back to the blog – and here I am!

Be sure to check back this evening for the great reveal and in the meantime check out my fellow hoppers!

The Blog Hop Participants

Lee Koopman, Hostess Strega Jewellry
Sam Waghorn Pale Moon Creations
Dini Bruinsma Angaza by Changes
Mowse Doyle Mowse Made This
Robin Showstack The Crazy Bead Hoarder
Amy Jorgensen Hoarders Corner
Nan Smith Wired Nan
Tammy Adams Paisley Lizard  You are here!
Catherine King Catherine’s Musings
Michelle McCarthy Firefly Designs Studio
Betony Maiden Beadwenches Blog
Becca White Morgana Fey Creations
Kim Dworak Cianci Blue
Tami Norris Tamis Creative Spot
Inge Von Roos Inge’s Blog
Deb Fortin Mohti Studio
Melissa Trudinger Bead Recipes

So what do you think?!

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