Welcome! My name is Amy Jorgensen, this is my jewelry and art blog.

Me: I’ve always been creative and enjoyed making things. In the late 1990s I began making jewelry and haven’t stopped since. I love to make all kinds of jewelry, my favorite styles include beads of all kinds, mixed metals and wire-wrapping. In addition to making jewelry, I enjoy collage and painting,  and try to incorporate these mediums into my work as well.

My shop:  When I decided to start selling my jewelry, my shop needed a name. At the same time, I had recently learned about memetics and the topic was in my thoughts.  The theory that information and ideas in human culture can replicate, evolve and mutate as they make their way through the world via people and technology -much the way human genes do – linked strongly to my creative process and designs.

And in that split second, “Ameme Designs” popped into my head, and my store had a name. I opened my Etsy store in 2007 and my work has continued to evolve and mutate since then.

The blog: As my work and style have evolved, starting a blog to showcase my work and creative process seems like the logical next step.  Topics will be jewelry (of course), but since I love art and science and crafts and music and pop culture and, well, everything else; I may venture out of the jewelry box occasionally – I hope you enjoy it as much as I hope to!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I once started a blog with the intention of writing about Crime and Literature. But, I strayed so far from the original intention, that I ended up with my name, so I can write about anything and everything. I will keep checking back to see what you are up to. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I have always wanted to try making simple pieces with beads. I’ll make sure to check out your Etsy store, too. Nice to meet you!


      • Thank you. Growing up, we used to deconstruct my grandmother’s costume jewelry that was often very beautiful, and make them into something new. I have visited your Etsy site. You have some beautiful bracelets.

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