New Year, New Challenge

10888841_10205964519851331_5454490263049437981_nHappy New Year! I hope that all of you had a wonderful and safe time ringing in the New Year.  My evening was spent with my husband and these two party animals.

Though I managed to stay awake a bit longer than the dogs, it was not by much. I am proud to say I made it to midnight – in my own time zone, even – before crashing at approximately 12:16 am.

My ushering out of 2014 may have been low-key, but I’m glad to report that more exciting things are afoot in 2015…

Because I clearly don’t have enough to do, I am planning to participate in the B’Sue Boutiques Build-A-Line challenge and judged contest starting in January and running through March.


So keep your eyes open for future posts – I’ll tell you all about the process, and participate in blog hops with the other participants.  If you’re not familiar with blog hops, stay tuned to this site on January 23 to find out what they are all about and see cool stuff from multiple artists.

For those who don’t make jewelry and even some who do, I should say that this is a pretty fantastic opportunity.  Not only is Brenda Sue Lansdowne (the B’Sue behind the Boutiques) teaching the course, but she’s doing it for free, using the knowledge she gained from having successful commercial handmade jewelry lines in the nineties to walk members of the B’Sue Facebook page creative group through the process.

Her only caveats? That we use visible B’Sue Boutiques components, and that we commit to the project.  I know I can do the first one, and I plan to do everything I can to follow through with the latter.

So with much excitement, some anxiety and a ton of curiosity I’ll sign up on Monday and begin gaining the tools I need to create a cohesive jewelry line.

Wish me luck!


Welcome to Hoarder’s Corner!

Welcome to Hoarder's Corner

Welcome to Hoarder’s Corner

So this is my first post – and as I noted in my “about” section I’ve been making jewelry since the late nineties.  I started out with some beads from my grandma’s stash, and a sewing needle and some thread.  As I figured out that I enjoyed the craft, I also figured out that I wanted to make more than a string of beads to go over someone’s head.

I came to the conclusion that I needed the right tools…

A few books and a bunch (or so I thought at the time) of supplies later, I was hooked. Cleaning out my grandma’s house a few years later – who, I should mention, never threw anything away, ever – I made sure her jewelry making items always had a home with me.  That was likely the beginning of Hoarder’s Corner.

What is Hoarder’s Corner? Hoarder’s Corner is the space (or spaces) where the tools and supplies and pieces of string to short to use but too pretty to throw away live.  It’s the bookshelves with more paint and brushes and completed projects on them than books. Its the tops of tables and rolling drawers and boxes of magazine clippings and paper flowers and sewing supplies live together with the photography supplies and all the ephemera in a sort of organized, always increasing, might need to dig for it but it’s in there somewhere kind of harmony.

Hoarder’s Corner is where just about anything I’ve picked up and thought, “I can definitely make something with this” lands and stays, and stays. Until one day, miraculously, it does get used.  More times than I can count, I’ve thought, “I should throw this away” and soon after used it in a design that just popped into my head.  Beads can sit for 10 years, and then one day out of the blue, I’m getting to the point of running out of them. Because of this, I give in to the urge to keep whatever “useless” thing I “think” I should throw away, because I know that sooner or later another denizen of hoarder’s corner will find a new, permanent home in a design or project.

So, welcome again to Hoarder’s Corner.  I hope you don’t mind a little clutter…