The Reveal… 1st Annual Danse Macabre Blog Hop – Hoarders Corner


When I read Strega Jewellery’s blog hop announcement back in August, I was intrigued. I loved the idea of the Danse Macabre as a celebration of life.  The fact that I could make something other than jewelry made it that much better.

I primarily make jewelry, but I enjoy branching out from time to time to see what else I can do.  In this case, I knew I would make something that was not jewelry, and would incorporate Dia de los Muertos symbolism.  It took some thinking, but finally I remembered an assemblage project that I had set aside, titled “An Easier Way to Make a ‘Tin’ Nicho” by Deedee Hampton from the Sept/Oct 2014 issue of ClothPaperScissors magazine.

A nicho is a small three dimensional shadow box that is traditionally used for Day of the Dead altars; often using religious imagery or photos of loved ones who have passed on. The imagery and symbolism of Dia de los Muertos has always interested me. I like the idea of creating ways to acknowledge those who are no longer with us, and I love the bright colors and juxtaposition within the art itself.

20151018_124512Lately I’ve been working on modifying my projects to fit with what I have on hand, instead of adding to my already over-sized stash of crafting and jewelry supplies.  In this case, the project called for using aluminum sheeting, but I decided to use card-stock and collage elements instead.

I embellished the nicho using rubber stamps and embossing powder, added some metallic micro-beads and tiny foil stars, and completed the project by setting a Day of the Dead cat and mouse figurine into the shadowbox.


20151018_124456 20151018_124353








Thank you for checking out my blog hop post, and please be sure to view and comment on the blogs of my fellow participants!

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Hankies and Hatpins

Something awesome arrived the other day!  My mom told me she was sending me some stuff for Hoarder’s Corner and to be on the lookout for a package from her.  When the package arrived, I was excited to see what was in it.  Turns out, I had a reason to be excited.

Among the contents of ribbon and other collected bits for a collage project or mixed-media jewelry, she had packed in some family heirlooms — from three generations of maternal Grandmothers.  Like I said, awesome!

There were hatpins from my grandma, which may have been from her mother, who was a milliner and made hats. Hankies – two of them, one a unique hexagon shape on a soft floral print, and the other a white square with lovely tatting along one corner.  My mom can’t remember if they were my grandma’s or great-grandma’s, she’s had them since high-school.  From my great-great-grandmother – an embroidered silk collar to be worn with a “fancy dress that had a lower cut neckline” (from the note in the package).

And last but not least, a small cloisonne locket, whose cover slides aside to show an engraved Virgin Mary.

All that family history in some unassuming hankies and hatpins. Knowing my family, there’s probably a story (or more) to go with each of these pieces. I’m not sure why I love this stuff, but I do, and I’m very glad they joined the collection.